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Valentine Kissing Game


Valentine's day is a day that you shouldn't forget. Perhaps you, too, have secret designs on someone? Who knows you already have a boyfriend or a girlfriend! On Valentine's day you can give him or her a present, or send him or her a card. Who knows your love is mutual and the story will get a happy ending, like for the couple in this kissing game. Play this kissing game featuring a pair of lovers. It's almost Valentine's day again: the day that all people who are in love give each other flowers and presents. Or the day that you send a romantic card to your secret love. To me, Valentine's day is a great day!
In this game you help a pair of lovers kiss each others, but they don't want anybody to see them. So do your best to make them kiss when nobody's watching! If they're caught, a heart is taken from your score. Once you've lost all your hearts, you'll have to start all over again. Try to get as far as possible in this exciting Valentine game!